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At FMK INNOVATION, we strive to constantly be at the forefront of developments and push the limits of what is possible.


Conradt is smaller, lighter and cheaper – compared to other loaders – and will save resources as well expenses.

The conveyor, working on the venturi principle, is specifically developed for the conveying of MasterBatches and other free flowing granules in smaller amounts.

As the loader does not create airpressure i the machine/dosing hopper, it is suitable for use on sensitive weighing/dosing systems.
For specific critical and sensitive cases, Conradt has (as standard feature) input socket for an suction allowance signal given by the gravimetric blender.

All Conradts are produced on our own 3D Printfarm in Humlebaek, north of Copenhagen.

We now have full capacity and will supply Globally through autohorized distributors.

The electronic control, also developed in-house, is very logical, easy to understand and easily operated. Your can adjust conveying/ suction time and the number of faulty loadings before the alarm will be set.

Conradt has a very bright LED indicator ring signalling actual status and helping do the programming of parameters.
Power is connected by a CAT6 cable.

Conradt leveres klar til brug inklusive:


Vi designede Conradt og producere den
på vores eget anlæg


Let at bruge med klart led-lys, der fortæller dig
aktuel status


Our own development, everything has been developed, tested, and produced at our facility


Vi er der for dig,
hvis du har problemer,
bedes du kontakte
vores support team

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